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Our solutions are designed to help you make this transition at very competitive rates !

We are thus able to meet the needs of casual writers, as well as those of publishers with the same rigor and the same attention to detail.

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More than 10 000

digital books designed

Why choose eBook Machine ?

Because experience speaks for itself, and we have achieved more than 10,000 conversions!

Do like many other publishers, digital distribution platforms and printers in Quebec and trust us. We are recognized in the field for impeccable service and unrivalled efficiency.

Our conversions are certified ePubcheck and are ready to be published on the iBookstore. We can also make an audio version of the document.

We also offer discounts to our loyal customers; convert more than one document and save ! Conversions usually take between 2 and 7 days after approval of the quote, so you will have your documents quickly.

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