Step-by-step conversion

The conversion of a book takes just a few simple steps.

1 - Preparing your text for conversion

We perform manual editing of your manuscript, arranging text, graphics, tables and graphs so that they are displayed correctly and are fun to read or watch.

We think in terms of reading experience, maximizing the interest in your product.

We can work with a variety of document types, but it is recommended to submit a version with selectable text. PDF is not recommended.

This step may in some cases be the most laborious, depending on the submitted file type. Click here to learn more about the types of files we accept.

2 - Converting your file

Once editing is complete, we can proceed to convert your manuscript.

We will process it in the required formats, and will make it compatible with the major standards and industry standards.

3- Quality control

We must, of course, ensure that the stages of preparation and conversion went well, this is why we test your e-book on different devices (phones, tablets, computers).

Ebookmachine allows you to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

We use the "epubcheck" validation tool to ensure conformity with the industry standards.

4 - Submission for sale

Our team can help you make your books available for sale on different platforms and may even, in some cases, automate publication following the conversion.

No interaction on your part is required.

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