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You have a book, magazine, article, or any other script to convert to digital format ?
Our solutions are designed to help you make this transition at very competitive rates !
We are thus able to meet the needs of casual writers, as well as those of publishers with the same rigor and the same attention to detail.
  • ePub 2 - ePub 3 Formats
  • Interactive book
  • Interactive App
  • Audio Book
  • Desktop publishing for paper print
  • Ready for publication on the iBook store
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Why eBook Machine ?

Composed of web specialists lined regular readers of eBooks, our team is best placed to understand the dynamics prevailing in the heart of the e-book market.

Nous ne nous contentons pas de retranscrire votre texte, nous nous mettons à la place du lecteur et travaillons pour optimiser l'expérience de lecture.

We do not just transcribe your text, we put ourselves in the shoes of the reader and we work to optimize the reading experience. In addition, we are aware of the effort and time it may take to market the manuscript, this is why we will guide you, and if you wish, fully support the post-conversion steps.

We offer a full range of services.

Variable character size
Hypertext link & Easy navigation
Personalized bookmarks & notes
Inclusion of image, sound and video
Possibilities for interactivity