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Self publishing and ePub conversion

The ePub format adapts to all interfaces such as specialty readers like Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Sony, iPhone or Android smart phones, Windows tablets, iPad, HP, as well as Microsoft, Mac, Sony and any other device.

To be on the biggest e-book online sites, your book must be in ePub format.

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Why not just a PDF?

Unlike PDF, with ePub, you can choose the size of the characters as well as the font.

Your readers will have a quick navigation using hypertext links and will have the option to add bookmarks as well as personal notes; which they will not have with PDF.

Another advantage is the ability to add images, videos or just sound recordings to your eBook; interactivity being more and more popular within the readership.

Le format pdf n’est, de plus, pas accepté chez la plupart des distributeurs de livres numériques. Votre livre pourrait donc tout simplement être refusé à la vente !

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bookmarks & notes
Inclusion of image,
sound and video
Hypertext link &
easy navigation
for interactivity

Why publish your book on the internet ?

It can be difficult to have a book published by a publishing house, even more so to promote it afterwards.

Stop asking yourself how to have your book published and take charge of your publishing yourself. Entrust us with your masterpiece!

It has already happened, the value of eBook sales has surpassed paper books. With the ease of self­publishing that eBook Machine offers, it would be crazy to pass up this commercial opportunity.

Why choose eBook Machine as your eBook editor ?

We guarantee you impeccable customer service. The results will be final when you are 100% satisfied, and this is offered without additional charges. Also, we respect the confidentiality of your manuscripts and your copyright

To choose to do business with eBook Machine is to ensure a quality product, something you will not find with auto­conversion programs or with our American competitors.

Publishing your own book has never been as easy and safe as it is with eBook Machine! Do business with a Quebec company for ensured peace of mind !

eBook Machine offers postconversion service

If you are not completely comfortable promoting your document, we are !

Our marketing team can guide you and take charge, either in part or entirely, of the marketing actions required to publish your eBook to the internet and sell it online.

In addition, your eBook will meet major industry norms and standards, and we make your book ready for online sale. In this way, maximize your results and boost sales with online self publishing.

Services and advantages of choosing eBook Machine to publish an eBook

  • Conversion iBook store ready
  • Text layout with InDesign
  • Page layout for paper copy
  • Option for a book that is :
    • Interactif
    • Audio
  • Advertising your book
    • Creative advertising
    • Advertising placement
    • Press release
  • Social network management
  • Creation of a promotional website; possibility of a retail site
  • Infographics :
    • Creation of back and front book covers
    • Creation of illustrations
  • Photography
  • Sound recording
  • Secure server